Training Topics

Pars Transformer Consultant Services Company has comprehensive training programs for our customer. Our standard courses typically cover general theory, application, assembly, installation, commissioning, operation, testing, maintenance and trouble shooting.
These courses focus on operation, repair, maintenance and etc. of the insulating system in fluid filled transformers. It provides a foundation for intelligent transformer management, from the basic design and construction to life expectancy and extension.
Moreover, we have tried to provide for our customers professional conferences and seminars about whole electrical equipment specially power transformers.

The topics of some these training courses include:

  • Power transformer protection
  • Life assessment and diagnostics of power transformers
  • Partial discharge detection in power transformers
  • Power transformer transportation, installation and commissioning
  • Transformer’s oil: handling, storage, sampling and quality control tests
  • Transformer fault detection using Dissolved Gas Analysis
  • On load tap changer: maintenance and operation
  • Predictive and preventing maintenance of power transformers.
  • Distribution and power transformers’ Maintenance, Repair and operation
  • Power cable advanced fault finding, test and diagnosis.
  • Advanced power transformer test and diagnostics.
  • Filtering, reclaiming of oil and drying out of power transformers’ insulation

Whom participation is suggested?

Anyone who is responsible for the operation, repair, maintenance and etc of liquid filled transformers including: electrical technicians and engineers, maintenance managers, engineering management, electrical contractors and service companies.

Classes Objectives

  • Capability to identify transformer design, construction and materials including the core, windings and insulating system
  • Capability to identify the purpose of mineral oil dielectric fluids and other electric insulating fluids
  • Learn to identify analytical tests for electrical insulating fluids and be able to compare analytical test results to industry standards for new and in-service electrical insulating fluids
  • Be able to identify conditions that cause accelerated aging and/or premature transformer failure
  • Be able to identify qualitative and quantitative methods for interpretation of dissolved gas analysis of electrical insulating fluid
  • Learn the purpose of factory and field electrical tests
  • Learn practical maintenance procedures that will extend the life of a transformer and develop an intelligent transformer maintenance plan