PARS Transformer Consultant Services


Pars Transformer Consultant Services Company was established by Power Energy Industry Research & Technology Fund inc., TMB co., DESC Gmbh., A group of highly experienced engineers, UTAB co., Hamyaran Transfo co., as a symbol of unity, integrity and co-alignment of main objectives of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Governments, Academic Institutes industries in a well developed and thriving industry in Iran named Distribution and Power Transformers Manufacturing and Services.

One of the most successful, scientific and technical companies able to deliver the latest and most practical Know-How to respond to the various needs of transformer manufacturers and user worldwide.

Problem solving in the areas like: design, manufacturing, testing operation and repair of transformers
Transferring Cutting-Edge technology in different fields of transformer industry
Issuing technical documents and determining required standards in different fields of transformer industry
Rendering R&D services to the electrical industries
Organizing training courses and conferences for transformer users