Oil Sampling, Analysis and Diagnosis

Pars Transformer Consultant Services offers a comprehensive sampling, analysis and diagnostic service for all fluid filled equipment, including transformers, on-load tap changers. It is critical that samples are taken by skilled technicians and are free from contamination to ensure that the integrity of the samples are not compromised. As such, all fluid samples are taken with a glass syringe for moisture and DGA (according to IEC 60567) and one litter glass bottle for other tests. The samples are sent certified laboratory, for comprehensive analysis and diagnosis. “Pars Transformer Consultant Services Co.” have pioneered proprietary condition-based diagnostics that have been proven in hundreds of thousands of tests worldwide, saving customers millions of dollars by accurately diagnosing the condition of the assets lowering maintenance costs and identifying issues early so preventative actions can be taken to avoid catastrophic failures. Determining the source(s) of your power transformer’s lack of performance begins with transformer clinic’s oil sampling and testing prs.
Overheating, arcing, partial discharge, and other active or slow-evolving faults, can all be identified during the sample process by using a combination of onsite and laboratory insulating oil tests, such as dissolved gas analysis (DGA) and oil quality analysis. Oil quality tests are traditional testing methods that provide power transformer operators with an economical, yet marginal alternative to more advanced testing techniques. At transformer clinic, our sample programs are utilized only as reliable first indicators, allowing specialists to further investigate areas of concern using transformer clinic’s advanced screen spot inspection programs