Research and Development

In modern era, responding to new age developments and emerging needs of customers, new and complicated components are being added to modern power system. in order to support and adopt to these changes, Pars Transformer Clinic as a leading Counselor of power and distribution transformers based at Middle East is investing significantly in R&D as a way of helping to create a link between innovating ideas and to help joining them into variety of old, mid-age and Newly founded Power and energy system without interrupting the current system reliability, performance and configuration. Relying on it’s experienced and expert Board of Founders, Pars transformer consultant services has done some great work in identifying practical research, inventions or Innovative solutions, trying to create a path for integrating new technologies into traditional power system. Some of Pars Clinic R&D works is as follows :

  • Overdesign of aged transformers
  • Using nano-technology to improve thermal profile and lifespan of aged transformers
  • Feasibility study of manufacturing distribution transformers with Amourf core