Development and Research

Being always innovative to be able to respond to the fast moving needs and wants of the customers in a timely fashion, is what it takes to play a key role in the scene of the modern industrial market today. Iran Transfo Corporation as a leading manufacturer of power and distribution transformers in the Middle East is investing heavily in R&D as its tool of leveraging and sustainable presence in International Markets. By establishing Iran Transformer Research Institute, Iran Transfo has separated manufacturing from research and design processes, concentrating all R&D activities in a well staffed and highly motivated entity. What we have done so far in this regard include:

  • Cast Resin Dry Type Distribution Transformer manufacturing Technology Transfer
  • Designing a 400KV, 50MVA shunt Reactor
  • Intershield method Calculation and design in extra high voltage windings
  • Calculation method of tangential electrical field safety factor in power transformers
  • Calculation methods of magnetic fields, eddy currents, losses and forces in power transformers
  • Design, Manufacture and Test of a 25MVA, 20 KV Shunt Reactor
  • Arc Furnace Transformer Calculation and Design
  • Rectifier Transformer Calculation and Design
  • Transformer Calculation Software (TC) Design
  • Inter winding Electrical connection detection and localization in distribution transformers using Frequency Response Analysis
  • Thermal modeling of Cast Resin Dry Type Distribution Transformers
  • Optimization of insulation structure of power transformers
  • Designing distribution transformers with Oval Foil Winding
  • Providing technical know-how to manufacture power transformers with Oil Directed Air Forced (ODAF) cooling
  • Feasibility study of manufacturing distribution transformers with Amourf core