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PCB Decontamination (in progress)

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are a group of very stable chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons which are needed to be safely removed due to health and environment issues 

R & D

PARS transformer clinic offers  it's specialty, experience and professional partners to provide support for a wide variety of power system R&D projects

Oil Sampling, Diagnosis And Analysis

A comprehensive sampling, analysis and diagnostic service for all fluid filled equipment, including transformers, on-load tap changers


Time based or condition based maintenance aimed at reducing the probability of failure or the working deterioration of the element

Transformer Assessment

Pars Transformer Consultant Services Company has extensive transformer design and site operation experience which enables us to accurately assess a transformer’s condition both pre and post failure

Engineering and Consulting

Opportunities and solutions to improve system and equipment performance and regulatory compliance with reference to planning and specifications

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